Privacy Notice

We Are Computer Drama.

Our website address is: We, and our website, are located in the Netherlands.

This Website Does Not Collect Personal Information.

First of all, our website does not use trackers, cookies, or social media widgets; nor does this website track any personal information whatsoever. All we see is how many times *someone* has visited each page, and which websites link to our website (referrers). For some links, we can also see how many visits come from which country. But we do not see any information that can identify visitors personally.

This Website Does Not Sell You Out.

Our analytics software is all locally hosted, meaning we are the only ones who ever get to see what little information we collect. That means we don’t share these limited data with anyone, especially not Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, etc. We also don’t support surveillance capitalism. So while we share and post things on social media, we don’t buy ads there of participate in any surveillance-based profiling.

We Only Collect Data That You Give Us.

If you e-mail us, or send us a message via our contact form, then we save your message, e-mail address, and the name you give us in a secure database on our server. Nobody can see it but us, and we wipe this database every month.

We also receive an e-mail with those data, which we keep in our secure server; not at Gmail or Hotmail or whatever. This also applies to e-mails that you send us directly.

We Work With A Ticketing Service Provider.

If you buy a ticket, or tickets, to our shows, Ik Ben Aanwezig handles your purchasing & payment process. They are a separate company and have a separate privacy policy. As such, we have no control over the ways they handle your personal data. Click here to see Ik Ben Aanwezig‘s Privacy Statement.

Computer Drama can see the personal data that you provide to the ticket shop at Ik Ben Aanwezig, but we do not store them, handle them outside of their platform, or use them for any purpose other than ticketing.

We’ll Delete Your Data, Whenever You Want.

If you’d like us to delete, or change, any data you’ve given us via this website or via e-mail, please let us know. Simply e-mail us at, and we’ll do it as soon as we can. We can also give you an overview of all the personal data we have about you, upon request.

If you’d like to see, amend, or delete the data you provided to Ik Ben Aanwezig while buying tickets, please follow the procedure in their privacy statement. Computer Drama has no influence or involvement with how Ik Ben Aanwezig handles data.

Any Questions?

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns at We take privacy seriously, so we want to help. 🙏