We Have A Poster!

I’m excited to announce our poster for The International Pastime! We had lots of fun making it…

See where you spot it around Amsterdam in the next few weeks 😉

Brian Pagán, Producer as Logan
Brian PagánBrian comes to us from the US, but he’s spent the last two decades moving around Europe, designing digital products & speaking at conferences, before co-founding Computer Drama. Since 2013, he performs in short films, commercials, & theatre productions. Brian’s work explores our superpowers, at the intersection between technology & humanity.

Shows & Tickets

Location: Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis

Click on a show to get your tickets.

📅 Friday Evening - 5 October @ 20:30

📅 Saturday Afternoon - 6 October @ 14:30

📅 Saturday Evening - 6 October @ 20:30

📅 Sunday Afternoon - 7 October @ 14:30