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“What for-profit community college ripped you off & sold you a degree, huh?”

Alyssa Wagner as Esmeralda
Alyssa WagnerAlyssa Wagner is an American actress, originally from Colorado but a proud Amsterdammer for four years. She has performed in many English-language productions here, including Antigone, The Ingenious Mind, Bombshells, Nymph Errant, & One Table, Two Chairs. Alyssa is a classically trained singer, educated in the Los Angeles acting method and improv comedy.

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Location: Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis

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📅 Friday Evening - 5 October @ 20:30

📅 Saturday Afternoon - 6 October @ 14:30

📅 Saturday Evening - 6 October @ 20:30

📅 Sunday Afternoon - 7 October @ 14:30


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