The right place at the right time

It’s already been a couple of weeks of rehearsals, and what a great time it has been! I came on board a little bit later than everyone else in the cast, but I was immediately and wholeheartedly embraced by the rest of the team.

You know that feeling of being in the right place at the right time? That’s what it felt like. It somehow all clicked so easily and naturally together- the script with the actors and in turn the actors with the director and the crew. As an actor, the role of Topher is truly a gem to have and i can’t wait to bring this hilarious, obnoxious and shameless lad to life on stage.

This will really be a crazy, fun, provocative and memorable show that you don’t want to miss- so make sure you as well are at the right place, at the right time! It’s worth it!

Bobby Makariev as Topher
Bobby MakarievBobby Makariev originally comes from Bulgaria, but has been living in the Netherlands since 2007. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business & Management and a Master's degree in Art & Theatre from the University of Groningen. In the past years he has been seen in various theatre productions, short films, and commercials. He just finished filming a role in his first full-length feature film Red Heart, Blank Face, and next to this, he is also one of the Lead Actors of The Amsterdam Dungeon where he can be seen performing a few times every week.

Shows & Tickets

Location: Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis

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📅 Friday Evening - 5 October @ 20:30

📅 Saturday Afternoon - 6 October @ 14:30

📅 Saturday Evening - 6 October @ 20:30

📅 Sunday Afternoon - 7 October @ 14:30